Greenlights (2020)

A love letter. To life.

The audiobook was fabulous. You do not want to miss Matthew McConaughey reading this to you. He laughs a lot and you can tell he was smiling as he was reading. Absolutely amazing. Not your typical biography. Filled with nuggets of insight. Profound letters, prose, and poetry. McConaughey shows not only his life and the “greenlight” moments, he dives deep into himself with his most vulnerable essence. A joy to read.

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McConaughey did an exceptional job with this book. He has lived a fascinating life or at least the version he is telling the reader about. (He does admit early on that “storytelling” is something his family is known for.) His life stories, his views on life, and the above deep thoughts reading about it all triggered came together to be a perfect reading experience.

“McConaughey shows not only his life and the “greenlight” moments, he dives deep into himself with his most vulnerable essence. A joy to read.”

The Book Guide® Editor

Definitely a different kind of memoir. A rough, tough, self-confident, in-your-face offering from that familiar fellow you see on the screen. No punch pulled, and despite that, a soft fuzzy landing at the end. I really enjoyed this read (a listen for me – and by Himself, a bonus I think – a narration by anyone else wouldn’t have been as good). All of that said, this would not be one you listen to with the kids’ ears accessible. . . .mature language and topics every other paragraph. If you can weather that without concern, I highly recommend it.

This is a human who has been batted around, picked himself up, and owned the stuff he wants to own, along with the negatives that he believes are his own. He’s arty, and along with his wisdom, he throws in his poetry… a kind of cowboy poetry, and by that, I mean rough riding rather than saving damsels. I would say that damsels should beware – although a happy marriage and fatherhood has clapped him into some kind of compliant restraints. Not that damsels were intentionally a target, it just seemed that before connubial bliss there was potential for collateral damage.

The highest placed relationships are in his tribe, but he places strangers found through spontaneous contact right up there, too. Bottom line, he’s sensible (backed by common sense people), resilient, responsible, emotionally nimble and there’s lurking dangerousness that is compelling.

Greenlights By: Matthew McConaughey

Dune (2007) By: Glennon Doyle
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