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The Hunger Games (2008)

This is probably one of the best dystopian novels you could ever read.

Every year, Panem (post-apocalyptic North America) hosts a Hunger Games involving one female and one male representative from each of its twelve districts to fight to the death. All of the Districts of Panem must watch the Games as a form of yearly “entertainment” when in actuality, it’s a power play put on by the Capitol (the wealthiest of the districts). The Capitol uses the Games as a way to demonstrate the sheer helplessness of the other Districts and to keep the population cowed and in fear.

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Despite the promise for some violence and gore, I would suggest it for a teenage audience and upward. The violence isn’t explicit and exists on the peripherals of what is otherwise a brilliant and captivating read.  Katniss is incredible. She’s strong, proud, clever, yet cold, calculating, and soft. As far as great female characters go, she rivals Elizabeth Bennet and takes her thrown for my favorite ever. Where the Empress by Karen Miller was let down by a cold, calculating female character with no likeability, The Hunger Games is carried by Katniss’ passion, determination, and struggle.

“The main character, Katniss Everdeen, from District 12 of Panem, volunteered to save her little sister Primrose from the horrors of The Hunger Games where the winner is the only survivor among 12 contestants.”

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The world itself seems unbelievable enough but if you can get past the concept of a government requiring a tribute of 12-18-year-old boys and girls to take part in a gruesome bloodbath then you should be fine. The supporting characters are rich and interesting. The world itself is three-dimensional and tactile when reading and you will probably find yourself immersed in the science fiction world that doesn’t seem that distant from our own.

Unique plot, interesting characters all set in a distant future where men wear golden mascara and women wear colorful wigs. The plot and pacing are never dull and the end of the book may just cause heart palpitations as you race towards the end to discover who will survive and who will die. A strong female lead, action, suspense, and a love triangle.

The ending left me a little disconcerted but only because I wanted more.

The Hunger Games (2008) By: Suzanne Collins

Dune (2007) By: Glennon Doyle
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