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City of Girls (2019)

A delightful novel of glamour, romance, and adventure.

The year is 1940 and at 19 years old, Vivian Morris was an ambitious young woman who discovered that she doesn’t have to be a good girl to be a good person.

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Vivian Morris has been expelled from Vassar College because of her poor academic performance. Her affluent parents send their daughter to New York City to live with her aunt, who owns a flimsy, crumbling midtown theater named the Lily Playhouse. There she meets an entire cosmos of unconventional characters, from the fun chasers to a sexy male actor and a grand-dame actor, a lady-killer author, and a nonsense stage manager.

“From the perspective of an older woman who has lived through the sexual revolution period, City of Girls explores themes of female sexuality, promiscuity, and the idiosyncrasies of real love.”

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But when Vivian has a personal mistake that results professionally in a scandal, it turns her whole world upside down in ways she will never fully understand. Ultimately, though, this leads her to a new realization of the kind of life that she wants and the kind of freedom that it requires. It will also lead you to the love of your life, a love that is unique among all others.

City of Girls (2019) by Elizabeth Gilbert

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