Every Summer After Audiobook Free by Carley Fortune

Every Summer After (2022)

It took six summers to fall in love and only one instant for everything to fall apart.

The biggest mistake of Persephone Fraser’s life has felt all too real. Instead of spending her childhood summers on the lakeshores, she now spends them in a chic downtown apartment. She’s kept everyone away from her heart. Until she gets the call that brings her flying back to Barry’s Bay and into Sam’s orbit. The guy she never imagined she’d have to live without.

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Percy and Sam had been friends for six years, through hazy afternoons on the ocean and warm summer evenings working at his family’s restaurant. That relationship grew into something breathtakingly greater before falling catastrophically apart.

“Every Summer After is a vast, sweeping nostalgic narrative about love and the people and decisions that define us forever, told over the span of six years and one weekend.”

The Book Guide® Editor

When Percy returns to the lake for Sam’s mother’s burial, their bond remains as strong as ever. But they’ll never know whether their love is stronger than their worst faults until Percy confronts the decisions she made and the years she’s spent punishing herself for them.

Every Summer After (2022) by Carley Fortune

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