We Were Never Here Audiobook Free by Andrea Bartz

We Were Never Here (2021)

A thrilling book with wild turns and twists.

Emily is having the time of her life; she and her closest friend Kristen are on their yearly reunion vacation in the highlands of Chile and the two ladies are closer than ever. However, when Emily enters their hotel suite on the final night of the vacation, she discovers blood and shattered glass on the floor.

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The attractive backpacker whom Kristen brought back to their hotel allegedly assaulted her, forcing her to kill him in self-defense. Even more shocking: The incident reminds me horrifyingly of the trip last year, where another traveler tragically perished. Emily is in disbelief that it has occurred once again; can lightning strike twice, she wonders?

“This psychological thriller from the bestselling author of The Lost Night and The Herd features seductive settings, dark tension, and maybe the finest female lead duo since Thelma and Louise.”

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Emily strives to put her tragedy behind her back in Wisconsin, pushing herself into work and a new romance. However, when Kristen pays Emily an unexpected visit, Emily is compelled to face their violent history. Emily starts to wonder why Kristen is trying to keep her close, the more she tries. Emily must come to terms with the reality about her best friend as she feels the walls surrounding their denials closing in. Will Emily’s secrets that she reveals to Kristen ruin their relationship, her freedom, or possibly her life? If not, how can she avoid them?

We Were Never Here (2021) by Andrea Bartz

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