Finding Freedom Audiobook Free by Carolyn Durand

Finding Freedom (2020)

Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family.

An emerging relationship between a renowned English prince and an American actress captured the attention of the globe and caused a media frenzy on a global scale. Few people are aware of Harry and Meghan’s real story, despite the Duke and Duchess of Sussex continuing to make news with their engagement, wedding, and birth of their son Archie as well as their unusual decision to step back from their royal life.

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Finding Freedom, which debunks the numerous myths and stories that surround Harry and Meghan on both sides of the pond, for the first time delves beyond the headlines to expose untold elements of their married lives. Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand have seen the young couple’s life as few outsiders can because they are part of the elite group of reporters who cover the British Royal Family and their engagements.

“The epic and true story of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s life together, finally revealing why they chose a more independent path and the reasons behind their unprecedented decision to step away from their royal lives.”

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A self-assured, strong, and forward-thinking couple is depicted in Finding Freedom in an open, up-close, and disarmingly honest manner. They are not afraid to defy convention, determined to forge a new path away from the spotlight, and dedicated to leaving behind a lasting humanitarian legacy that will have a significant impact on the world. It was written with the help of people who knew the couple well and had special access to them.

Finding Freedom (2020) by Carolyn Durand

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