New Releases: What to Read This March 2024

New Releases: What to Read This March

New Books from March 2024

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Spring is officially here, and with it comes a fresh wave of exciting book releases! Whether you’re seeking a captivating novel to whisk you away on an adventure, a heart-pounding thriller to keep you on the edge of your seat, or a thought-provoking non-fiction work to expand your horizons, March 2024 has something for everyone.

A Diverse Selection of Must-Reads Awaits this March

This month’s literary scene boasts a diverse range of genres, promising to cater to every reader’s taste. Dive into the world of historical fiction, explore the depths of human emotion in a contemporary romance, or embark on a thrilling journey with a gripping mystery. From established authors to fresh new voices, March offers a chance to discover your next favorite book and author.

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New Releases From March 2024 (Image: Goodreads)

What to Read This March 2024: Dive into New Releases and Captivating Stories

  • The Great Divide by Cristina Henríquez
  • James by Percival Everett
  • The Hunter by Tana French
  • How to Solve Your Own Murder by Kristen Perrin
  • Murder Road by Simone St. James
  • Listen for the Lie by Amy Tintera
  • This Could Be Us by Kennedy Ryan
  • Happily Never After by Lynn Painter
  • A Touch of Chaos by Scarlett St. Clair
  • Empire of the Damned by Jay Kristoff
  • Annie Bot by Sierra Greer
  • Baby X by Kira Peikoff
  • The Prisoner’s Throne by Holly Black
  • The Poisons We Drink by Bethany Baptiste
  • The Manicurist’s Daughter by Susan Lieu

To help you navigate this exciting selection, we’ve compiled a curated list of some of the most anticipated and highly-recommended books hitting shelves this March. So grab your favorite reading nook, settle in with a cup of tea, and prepare to be transported by the magic of storytelling!

The Great Divide by Cristina Henríquez

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Cristina Henríquez’s latest book, “The Book of Unknown Americans,” tells the story of the Panama Canal construction, focusing on a dozen intersecting lives, including laborers, doctors, fishermen, and soothsayers, including a courageous teenage girl named Ada Bunting.

James by Percival Everett

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Percival Everett’s novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, is a reimagining of Mark Twain’s classic. The story is told from Jim’s perspective, an enslaved runaway who joins Huck on the Mississippi. The shift in perspective reveals a new narrative, despite the same dramatic set pieces.

The Hunter by Tana French

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Tana French, a renowned mystery writer, has released a sequel to her 2020 novel, The Searcher. The novel follows retired Chicago cop Cal Hooper to a small Irish village, where he faces treacherous gold hunters, an Englishman, and a teenager in danger.

How to Solve Your Own Murder by Kristen Perrin

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Annie Adams discovers her reclusive Aunt Frances has died under suspicious circumstances, and she spent 60 years preparing for her own murder. This cozy mystery by author Kristen Perrin is part of a recent trend where murder victims predict their own demises.

Murder Road by Simone St. James

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Newlyweds April and Eddie learn to avoid Murder Road when stopping to pick up a hitchhiker outside a Michigan town. The road has a bloody history, the town has a secret, and supernatural elements may be involved. The author of The Sun Down Motel is also mentioned.

Listen for the Lie by Amy Tintera

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Amy Tintera’s mystery/thriller, Listen for the Lie, explores the culture’s desire for true-crime podcasts. L.A. woman Lucy Chase tries to forget a terrible night in Texas, but the hit podcast launches an investigation, leaving her with unpleasant possibilities.

This Could Be Us by Kennedy Ryan

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Kennedy Ryan’s second Skyland series returns in March, featuring Soledad Barnes, a Type A personality with a plan. She faces a betrayal and must balance her daughters’ safety with life’s open highway. Early readers appreciate the characterizations and representation in this novel.

Happily Never After by Lynn Painter

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Max and Sophie are professional “objectors” who disrupt upcoming weddings to save people’s lives. Sophie believes this is a way to save lives, but she’s falling for Max, causing the system to break down. Romance specialist Lynn Painter provides details on the situation.

A Touch of Chaos by Scarlett St. Clair

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Scarlett St. Clair’s Hades x Persephone Saga is an epic romance novel, inspired by Greek mythology. The fourth installment follows Persephone, the Goddess of Spring, and the God of the Dead, struggling with her new position as Queen of the Underworld. St. Clair is a Muscogee Nation member.

Empire of the Damned by Jay Kristoff

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Jay Kristoff’s dark fantasy series, Empire of the Vampire, follows Gabriel de León, a member of a holy brotherhood, defending humanity from night creatures. The sequel features Gabriel and Dior Lanchance, a young street urchin, a combination of adult fantasy and epic horror.

Annie Bot by Sierra Greer

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Sierra Greer’s sci-fi debut, Annie, explores the culture’s panic about artificial intelligence. Annie, designed to be Doug’s girlfriend, learns about the world and has her own wants and needs, despite her AI brain’s ability to understand it.

Lore of the Wilds by Analeigh Sbrana

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In a land ruled by Fae, 21-year-old Lore Alemeyu’s village is trapped in a forested prison. To protect her village, she agrees to catalog and organize an enchanted library that hasn’t been touched in a thousand years. The library is a dangerous place, as no Fae can enter, but a human might breach the cursed doors.

The Prisoner’s Throne by Holly Black

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Holly Black’s “Stolen Heir” Duology concludes with a new chapter in Elfhame, featuring adventure, romance, ancient relics, scheming fae, palace intrigue, and occasional psychopathic storm hag. The book adds more detail to the series’ wintry northern wastes, and Black’s adult fantasy series, “Book of Night,” also has a concluding volume.

The Poisons We Drink by Bethany Baptiste

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Bethany Baptiste’s YA fantasy debut features political intrigue, alchemical magic, and complex family dynamics. Teenage witch Venus Stoneheart, specializing in illegal potions, becomes involved in corrupt Washington, D.C., leading to serious situations. Recommended for fans of Practical Magic, Breaking Bad, and morally gray Black witches.

The Manicurist’s Daughter by Susan Lieu

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Susan Lieu’s memoir explores her mother’s tragic death at 11 years old, revealing the surgeon’s predisposition towards Vietnamese immigrants. The story highlights generational trauma, beauty standards, mother-daughter relationships, and the American immigrant experience, highlighting the impact of such a pivotal event.