Love, Theoretically by Ali Hazelwood Book Review

Love, Theoretically (2023)

Love, Theoretically by Ali Hazelwood

A STEMinist Romcom About a Physicist Who Fake Dates Her Enemy.

Elsie Hannaway is a theoretical physicist who is barely making ends meet by being an adjunct professor. She has a side hustle as a fake girlfriend, which she uses to supplement her income. One day, she meets Jack Smith, a physicist who is on the hiring committee for her dream job at MIT. Jack is everything Elsie is not: confident, outgoing, and successful. The two of them butt heads constantly, but there is an undeniable attraction between them.

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When Elsie is offered the job at MIT, she is thrilled. However, there is one catch: she has to pretend to be in a relationship with Jack to secure the position. Elsie is hesitant at first, but she eventually agrees.

“With its engaging plot and relatable characters, this book is a must-read for fans of romantic comedies, and will appeal to fans of Ali Hazelwood’s previous books.”

The Book Guide® Editor

As they spend more time together, Elsie begins to realize that she might be falling for Jack. But Jack has a secret of his own: he’s not really the confident, outgoing person he seems to be. He’s actually struggling with his own insecurities. Can Elsie and Jack overcome their differences and find love? Or will their secrets tear them apart?

What People Are Asking About This Book:

What is “Love, Theoretically” about?

“Love, Theoretically” is a romantic comedy novel by Ali Hazelwood that tells the story of Elsie Hannaway, a theoretical physicist who works as a fake girlfriend to make ends meet. When she meets Jack Smith-Turner, a rival physicist, they agree to a fake dating arrangement to help further their careers. As they navigate their fake relationship, they begin to develop real feelings for each other.

Who wrote “Love, Theoretically”?

“Love, Theoretically” was written by Ali Hazelwood, an American author known for her romantic comedies. Hazelwood has written several other popular books, including “The Love Hypothesis.”

Who wrote “Love, Theoretically”?

“Love, Theoretically” explores themes of love, self-discovery, and personal growth. The book tackles important issues such as the complexities of relationships and the importance of being true to oneself. The story also highlights the power of vulnerability and the ways in which our closest relationships can shape our lives.

Quotes from the Book “Love, Theoretically”:

  • “I’m not a people pleaser, I’m a people solver.” – Elsie
  • “I’m not a genius, I’m just good at faking it.” – Jack”
  • “I’m not afraid of you, I’m just afraid of what you could do to my heart.” – Elsie”
  • “I’m not perfect, but I’m perfect for you.” – Jack
  • “I love you, and I’m not afraid to say it.” – Elsie

Love, Theoretically (2023) by Ali Hazelwood

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