The Palace Papers Free Audiobook

The Palace Papers (2022)

An epic journey through misadventures that have buffeted the British monarchy.

After the tragic years when Diana’s blazing celebrity tore through the House of Windsor, The Palace Papers reveals how the royal family reinvent themselves.

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Brown takes listeners on an epic journey through the scandals, love affairs, power plays, betrayals, and royal misadventures that have buffeted the British monarchy over the last 25 years. Brown explores Prince Charles’ determination to make Camilla Park­er Bowles his wife, tensions between William and Harry on “different paths,” the ascen­dance of Kate Middleton, the downfall of Prince Andrew, and Harry and Meghna’s stunning decision to step back from royal life. Despite the fragile monarchy’s best efforts to avoid it, “never again” seems close at hand.

“The gripping inside story about the British royal family’s struggle to overcome the dramas of Diana’s years only to face new, twenty-first century crises.”

The Book Guide® Editor

Tina Brown has been watching and chronicling the British Monarchy for three decades, and she has gathered a wealth of new information and insights from her remarkable access to royal insiders in this book. Stylish, witty and erudite, The Palace Papers will forever change how the world perceiv­es and understands the royal family.

The Palace Papers (2022) by Tina Brown

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