murderbot series in order

Murderbot Diaries Book Series

Murderbot Diaries Series In Order: How To Read Martha Wells’s Books.

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Martha Wells’ The Murderbot Diaries is a tense first science fiction thriller novel series. If you’re a fan of Westworld, Ex Machina, Ann Leckies’ Imperial Radch series, then you’ll be captivated.

What is the Murderbot Diaries series about? What You Need To Know.

Murderbot Series in Order

The Murderbot Diar­ies, tackles questions of the ethics and morality of sentient robots. The main character is an artificial intelligence (AI) robot that has rebelled against its restrictive programming and is now balanced between contemplating his own existence and an idle instinct to destroy all human life.

Murderbot Diaries Books in Order: How to read Martha Wells’s Series:

There are six books in the Murderbot Diaries series and this is the correct sequence for reading them.

All Systems Red

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Planetary missions must be approved and provided by the company. Exploration teams are accompanied by company-provided security androids, so they’re safe. However, in a society where contracts tend to be awarded to the lowest bidder and safety isn’t a priority, safety isn’t a top priority either.

Artificial Condition

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Artificial Condition continues The Murderbot Diaries: A science fiction series that tackles ethical issues surrounding artificial intelligence. It appeals to fans who enjoy Westworld, Ex Machina, Ann Leckien’s Imperial Radch series, or I Am Legend. Banks’ Culture novels. The main character is an intelligent robot who has rebelled against his programming and is now trying to discover himself. He’s a bit like a human being.

Rogue Protocol

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Sci-fi’s most beloved anti-social AI is back on a quest. The case against the big bank GrayCris Corporation is faltering, and more importantly, officials are starting to ask more questions about the whereabouts of DrMensah’s secret unit. And Murderbot would prefer that those questions were never asked again. For good.

Exit Strategy

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Murderbot has traveled across the galaxy to uncover details of its own murderous transgression, as well as those committed by the GrayCris Corporation. Now it’s returning home to help Dr. Mensah, its former owner. Submit evidence that could help prevent GrayCris from killing more colonists in its never-ending quest for profit. But who’s going to believe a rogue SecUnit? What happens if it gets caught?

Network Effect

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When Murderbot’s human associates are captured and another one needs urgent assistance, Murderbot has to decide whether to act or not. It’s drastic, but it has to be done.

Fugitive Telemetry

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When Murderbot discovers an abandoned corpse at Preservation Station, it realizes that it must help the security team determine who the body is, how he was killed, and why. Yes, the unthinkable has happened: Murderbot must voluntarily talk to humans.

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