Shatter Me Book Series in Order

Shatter Me Book Series in Order

Shatter Me Book Series in Order

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The Shatter Me book series by Tahereh Mafi is a popular YA dystopian series that follows the story of Juliette Ferrars, a young woman with the power to kill with a single touch. The series has been praised for its unique and suspenseful plot, complex characters, and strong female lead.

What is the Shatter Me book series about? What you Should Know

The Shatter Me book series is set in a dystopian future where the world is ruled by the Reestablishment, a totalitarian government that controls its citizens through fear and violence. Juliette Ferrars is a young woman who has been imprisoned for her ability to kill with a single touch. She is rescued by Warner, a mysterious figure who claims to be working to overthrow the Reestablishment. Juliette and Warner embark on a journey together, and along the way, they must learn to trust each other and work together to defeat the Reestablishment. The series explores themes of love, loss, revenge, and redemption. After being locked up for years, she is freed by a group of rebels who want to use her as a weapon against the corrupt government. Along the way, she falls in love with two boys, Adam and Warner, and must navigate the complicated relationships while fighting for her freedom and her world’s future.

Who is Tahereh Mafi? The Author Behind The Shatter Me Series.

Tahereh Mafi, a #1 New York Times bestselling author, weaves captivating stories that enthrall young adult readers. Born in Connecticut to Iranian immigrants, her childhood hopscotched across America, eventually landing in California. This multicultural background infuses her writing with a unique perspective.

Mafi’s literary journey began with honing her craft through multiple manuscripts before her breakout success with the “Shatter Me” series. This dystopian saga, a thrilling blend of romance and action featuring a heroine with a volatile touch, catapulted her to international fame. The series’ success spawned multiple sequels and solidified Mafi’s reputation for crafting unforgettable characters amidst richly imagined worlds.

Shatter Me book series in order:

  • 1: Shatter Me
  • 2: Unravel Me
  • 3: Ignite Me
  • 4: Restore Me
  • 5: Defy Me
  • Imagine Me
  • Believe Me
  • Unite Me
  • Find Me

Are you a fan of dystopian young adult novels with a touch of romance, action, and plot twists? Look no further than the Shatter Me book series by Tahereh Mafi. With seven books in the series, plus novellas and spin-offs, there’s plenty of content to keep you entertained. The correct reading order for the Shatter Me book series is as follows:

Shatter Me

The Handmaid’s Tale meets X-Men in the first installment of a romantic YA fantasy trilogy. Juliette, a fragile teenager, is held captive by The Reestablishment, a harsh dictatorship. She is a threat and a powerful weapon. When she reunites with her love interest, the depth of emotion and power within her explodes. Tahereh Mafi, best-selling author of the Shatter Me series, lives in Santa Monica with her husband and daughter.

Unravel Me

Juliette escapes The Reestablishment and finds the rebel resistance headquarters and people with gifts. She’s free from their plan to use her as a weapon and loves Adam. However, she faces Warner’s lethal touch and Warner’s desire for her. Juliette must make life-changing decisions.

Ignite Me

Juliette, devastated by Omega Point, aims to take down The Reestablishment. Trusting Warner, who saved her life, she aims to master her powers and save their dying world.

Restore Me

Juliette Ferrars, a powerful girl with a single touch, assumed supremacy over Sector 45 and was accompanied by Warner. However, tragedy strikes, forcing her to confront the darkness within and around her.

Defy Me

(Free with Audible Trial)

Juliette Ferrars, once confident in her victory over the Reestablishment, is now confronted with the choice between being a weapon or a warrior. With her friends by her side, she must remember who she was and survive the war against her mind, a choice she must make as she grapples with the truth about her past.

Imagine Me

(Free with Audible Trial)

The finale of Tahereh Mafi’s best-selling young-adult fantasy series, Shatter Me, follows the story of Ella Sommers and Juliette Ferrars, as they navigate their pasts and uncertain futures. The book explores the blurred lines between right and wrong, old enemies, and the day of reckoning for the Reestablishment.

Believe Me

(Free with Audible Trial)

The final installment in the Shatter Me series follows Juliette and Warner’s fight to take down the Reestablishment. They and their friends work to stabilize the world, with Warner’s love for Juliette causing chaos. Despite their efforts, their future together is within reach, but the world continues to pull them apart.

Unite Me

(Free with Audible Trial)

This book, a part of Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me trilogy, collects the first two novellas, Fracture Me and Destroy Me, providing a thrilling insight into Juliette’s love lives, Adam and Warner. The story follows Warner’s obsession with Juliette, while Adam’s focus is on the safety of Juliette, Kenji, and his brother, as the Reestablishment seeks to crush resistance.

Find Me

(Free with Audible Trial)

This book, a part of Tahereh Mafi’s bestselling Shatter Me trilogy, includes Shadow Me and Reveal Me, which lead up to the series’ explosive finale. Shadow Me follows Juliette’s betrayal, Kenji’s resistance, and an unexpected person from Omega Point’s past.

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