Mystic Bayou Series in order

Mystic Bayou Series

Molly Harper´s Mystic Bayou Series in Order. Which One Should You Read First?

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An amazing paranormal adventure that takes you into the sexy culture of the bayou, where various shifters live in harmony, and an exciting tale between a dragon and a human researcher.

Who is Molly Harper? An approach to the Author of the ‘Mystic Bayou’ Series.

Molly Harper

Molly Harper is the bestselling author of more than thirty romantic fiction novels, including the Half Moon Hollow series, the Southern Eclectic series, and the Mystic Bayou series. She has written for Harlequin Nocturne, Ellora’s Cave, and Amazon Kindle. Molly lives in Michigan. Over the past 10 years, Harper has proven herself to be an expert at creating compelling worlds. She writes both fiction and nonfiction books that are filled with fantastic creatures and stories that feel comfortable in their own reality. Listening to her stories is a unique experience thanks to the Molly and Amanda Ronconi pairing that has turned into an Audible legend. They’re an amazing team that we’re honored to be part of after hundreds of hours of working together.

The Mystic Bayou Series in order with synopsis:

There are eight books in this series and here is the chrono­logical book order:

1 – How to Date Your Dragon: Mystic Bayou, Book 1

Anthropologist Jillian Ramsay’s career has turned south. Concerned that technology has chased mythical creatures out into the open, the League for Interspecies Cooperation is sending Jillian on a fact-finding trip to Louisiana. As the League prepares for the worst in terms human reactions, they’re trying to keep their plans secret. They need a plan so they look to Mystic Bayou, a tiny town hiding in the swamp where humans have been living in harmony with supernatural residents for generations.

2 – Love and Other Wild Things: Mystic Bayou, Book 2

Welcome to Mystic Bayou, a small town hidden in the swamps where shape-shifters, vampires, witches, dragons, and humans live together. The town formed around a mysterious energy rift in the swampy bayou, which helps maintain the town’s magical balance. Recently, the rift has been growing wider and destabilizing—threatening to send the town‘s magical population into chaos.

3 – Even Tree Nymphs Get the Blues: Mystic Bayou, Book 2.5

A new resident of Mystic Bayou has arrived. She’s Ingrid Asher, a shapeshifter who lives among humans. She doesn’t ask for much. The solitary tree nymphet just wants to live a peaceful life running her ice cream shop in solitude. She can’t seem to get rid of her new neighbor, Rob Apsern, head of the league’s data science department and so handsome it just isn’t fair. If there’s one thing Ingrid doesn’t need, it’s someone poking around in her personal life. But the more she learns about him, the more she finds her guard slipping. Will she be able to trust him with her secrets? Or will her past destroy everything they’ve built together?

4 – Selkies Are a Girl’s Best Friend: Mystic Bayou, Book 3

Sonja Fong doesn’t fear a little chaos. She’s the head of the League’s research center in Mystic Bayous, a small town in Louisiana where supernatural creatures and humans live together. She’s responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly. She works for a company that puts her in the path of Dr. Will Carmody, a mysterious shapeshifter who has come back to Mystic Bayou after an extended absence. Things are going from bad to worse. With Sonja and Will now working together to solve the problem, they must team up to save Mystic Bayou from disaster. Meanwhile, their own relationship heats up. Will they be able to have a future together while everything else is falling apart?

5 – Always Be My Banshee: Mystic Bayou, Book 4

Cordelia Canton has been sent on a top secret mission: travel to Mystic Bayous and use her powers as an intuitive psychic to learn more about a mysterious artifact that was pulled from the rift site He’s partnered with a male banshee who has a tall, dark, and handsome appearance. It soon becomes clear that the artifact is sentient; it has supernatural powers. Can they harness its power in time to stop the dark forces from stealing it?

6 – One Fine Fae: Mystic Bayou, Book 4.5

Charlotte McBee knows that she has a challenging job ahead of her when she accepts a job working as a midwife for two dragons and phoenix shifters. She doesn’t fear the supernatural because she’s a fairy herself. It’s a giant metal dragon‘s egg, which has Jillian gritting her teeth in agony for poor Jillian, who’s pregnant and anxious. As she prepares for the big event, she notices a handsome man who catches her eye. Leonard is kind, charismatic, and a little bit mysterious He has a rare condition brought on by an old fairy curse, and he’s too afraid of Charlotte to let her get close. Will she be able to overcome her fears before the end of her project?

7 – Shifters in the Night: Mystic Bayou, Book 5

Lia Doe came to the Mystic Bayou for one single purpose: to get her job finished. Specifically, to build a housing development for all the new residents who’ve been flocking to town since the word of its supernatural population has gotten out. But from the moment she arrives, it’ll become clear that nothing about the project is going to be easy. There’s the mysterious man she meets in the middle of the night while they’ve both been cavorting in their alternate form. Spending time with shapeshifter Jon Carmody is nothing new for Lia, but there‘s something special about him. And the magical pull she feels when he’s near is irresistible. There’s a sense of homecoming, belonging, and safety in Mystic Bayou that keeps her there despite the danger she faces.

8 – A Farewell to Charms: Mystic Bayou, Book 6

Eva Boudreau keeps her past a closely guarded secret, flying under the radar as a talented boat repairman. Eva had no idea she would meet someone so special in the small town where she lived. Alex Lancaster is far too polished for Eva’’s tastes. Not to mention the danger that could come from his high ranking in the League, which would expose her secrets. She can’t help but be attracted to his charming personality and the chemistry that sparks whenever they’re together. Will Alex be able to handle a woman like her (or not)? Will their difficult past keep them apart forever? Either way, they’ll need to work together to solve one final mystery at Mystic Bayou. Their fate depends on it.

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