Stormlight Archive Book Series

Stormlight Archive Series In Order: How To Read Brandon Sanderson’s Books.

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson, the Stormlight Archive, presents an incredible and epic new saga.

What is the Stormlight Archive series about? What You Need To Know.

The Stormlight Archive series is an epic fantasy saga set on the world of Roshar. It follows the lives of a diverse cast of characters, each with their own struggles and ambitions, as they navigate the complex politics and magic systems of the world. The series is known for its rich world-building, intricate plot twists, and compelling characters, and has been praised for its exploration of themes such as redemption, sacrifice, and the nature of power. With its stunning prose and epic scope, the Stormlight Archive series is a must-read for fans of fantasy literature, and has quickly become one of the most beloved and popular fantasy series of the modern era.

Stormlight Archive Series in Order:

There are three books in The Mistborn series and this is the correct sequence for reading them.


The Way of Kings: The Stormlight Archive, Book 1




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Roshar is a world of stone and storms. It’s a place where incredible storms of higher power sweep through rocky terrain so often that the land has been shaped by them. Plants pull in roots; animals hide in shells; and grass retracts back into the ground. Cities are built only in locations where the topography provides shelter. A young man is forced into the army and sent off to fight a war he doesn’t understand and doesn’t really want to fight. He must learn to adapt to his new environment and become part of a team.


Words of Radiance: The Stormlight Archive, Book 2




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A world where the aristocracy controls the shard blades and shards, ancient artifacts from a previous civilization that can win wars, is being torn apart by apocalyptic storms.


Edgedancer: The Stormlight Archive, Book 3




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Three years ago, a goddess stopped her from aging by asking her to stop growing older. Despite the young Azish emperor granting her safe haven from an unknown executioner, court life is suffocatin’ the free-spirited Lift, who can’t help heading to Yedda when she hears the relentless darkness is there hunting people like herself with budding powers.


Oathbringer: The Stormlight Archive, Book 4




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After the war, the Alethi army was victorious but at a high cost. The enemy called up the powerful Everstorm, which swept across the land and awakened the once peaceful and submissive Parshmen to the horrors of their millennia-long slavery by humans. After being forced to flee from his family, Kaladin Stormbelessed must come to grips that the newly kindled rage of the parshmen might be entirely justified.


Rhythm of War: The Stormlight Archive, Book 5




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For a year, the Knights Radiant has been fighting a protracted, brutal battle against the Parshendi. Both sides are even. New technological developments are changing the face of warfare. The arms race that followed will challenge the very core values of the Radiant ideals, revealing the secrets of the ancient temple that had been their heart.

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