The terminal list books in order

Terminal List Book Series in Order

Terminal List Series In Order: How To Read Jack Carr’s Books.

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The Terminal List is a thrilling book series that warns against the seduction of power and those who would use any means necessary to obtain it.

What is the Terminal List series about? What You Need To Know:

Terminal List TV Series (Amazon Prime Video)

The Terminal List follows James Reece, a retired Navy SEAL who has lost everything and has nothing left to live or die for. He decides to take revenge on the U.S. government by killing everyone involved in his team’s death. He fought for revenge. But he didn’t know it would be the beginning of his journey.

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Terminal List Books in Order: How to read Jack Carr’s Series:

There are five books in the Terminal List series and this is the correct order for reading them.

1 – The Terminal List

(Free with Audible Trial)

On his last combat mission, Lieutenant Commander James Reece’s entire team was killed by an ambush that also claimed the life of the aircrew sent to rescue them. When his dearest ones are killed on the day of his return from the war, Reece discovers that it was not an act of warfare by a foreign enemy, but a conspiracy that runs all the way up to the highest levels of the government.

2 – True Believer

(Free with Audible Trial)

As a result of the recent string of horrific terrorist attacks that plague the Western world during the holidays, the broader market falls into a tailspin. The attacks are being orchestrated by a shadowy former Iraqi military commander who has vanished into Europe’s underworld. The United States government knows that there is one person who can turn Iraqis against their masters: James Reece.

3 – Savage Son

(Free with Audible Trial)

Half a world away in the Montana wilderness, James Reece is recov­ering from brain surgery. He’s slowly putting his life back togeth­er with the help of an investigative journalist named Katie Buranek and a former SEAL teammate named Raife Hastings. Unaware of the danger they’re in, the Russian mafia sets its sights on Reece in an attempt to kill him.

4 – The Devil’s Hand

(Free with Audible Trial)

A regional superpower struggles against sanctions imposed by the United Nations and its European allies, a country where an ancient religion was born from a group of ruthless assassins, and a country whose ancient culture has been shaped by the legacy of a long war. With dissent and extrajudicial targeted killing by the United States and Israeli governments, the Supreme Leader puts into action a plan to defeat the most powerful country on Earth. Meanwhile, a young PhD student has gained access to an unknown weapon believed to be contained within a classified military facility. He is a second generation agent who has been assigned a mission to bring his adopted homeland to her knees.

5 – In the Blood

(Free with Audible Trial)

A woman boards a flight in the African country of Burkina Faso has just assassinated someone for the state of Israel A few minutes after she takes off, her plane is blown up. In the other corner of the world, James Reece keeps track of the names and photos of the victims on television news. One face triggers a memory of a Mossad agent who worked for the CIA years ago in Iraq. A woman whom Reece thought he would not ever see again. Reece enlists her friends new and old across time zones to track down her killer. She doesn’t know that she may be walking into a dangerous trap.

6 – Only the Dead

(Free with Audible Trial)

Only the Dead is the sixth book in Jack Carr’s Terminal List series, and it is another action-packed thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Navy SEAL James Reece is on the hunt for a secret cabal of global elites who are responsible for the deaths of his team. Reece is a skilled and determined operator, but he is also haunted by his past and the trauma of war. He will stop at nothing to bring the people responsible to justice, even if it means putting his own life in danger.

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