The Lunar Chronicles Book Series

The Lunar Chronicles Series In Order: How To Read Marissa Meyer’s Books.

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People and robots walk the noisy streets of New Beijing. A deadly plague has ravaged the population. From outer space, a ruthless lunar race watches, waiting to make its move. Nobody knows that Earth’s fate depends on one girl.

What is The Lunar Chronicles Series About? What You Need to Know:

The Lunar Chronicles Book Series

Cinder, a skilled mechanic, is a cyborg. She’s a second class citizen with a mysterious past who is reviled by her stepmom and blamed for her stepsister’s illness. But when her life became entangled with the handsome prince Kai’s, she suddenly found herself at the center of a galactic struggle, and a forbidden romance. Between duty and freedom, loyalty, and betrayal, she must discover secrets about her past in an attempt to protect her world’s present and future.

The Lunar Chronicles Books in Order: How to read Marissa Meyer’s Series:

There are five books in The Lunar Chronicles series and this is the correct sequence for reading them.

Cinder: The Lunar Chronicles, Book 1

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People and robots populate the noisy streets of New Beijing. A deadly plague ravaging the population. From space, a merciless lunar people watch, waiting for an opportune moment to strike. We don’t know if Earth’s fate depends on just one person.

Scarlet: The Lunar Chronicles, Book 2

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Cinder, the cybernetic mechanic, returns in the next thrilling installment of the best selling Lunar Chronicles. She’s trying to escape from prison. Even if she manages to get away, she’ll be the most wanted fugitive in the Commonwealth. Her grandmother is halfway around the world, but she’s not missing. It turns out there were many things Scarlet didn’t know about her grandmother. She had been living in constant fear for most of her life.

Cress: The Lunar Chronicles, Book 3

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Cinder and Captain Thorne are fugitives on the lam, now with Scarlet and her wolf friend Wolf in tow. They are planning to overthrow Queen Levana, and stop her army from invading Earth, together. They have their best chance at survival with Cress, a young woman trapped on a satellite for most of her life who has never had any contact with anyone else. All that screen time makes Cress an excellent hacker! Unfortunately, she’s been ordered by Queen Levana to track down Cinder, and she’s just been given orders to capture him.

Winter: The Lunar Chronicles, Book 4

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Princess Winter is admired among the Lunar people for her graciousness and kindness, and despite having scars marring her face, her beauty surpasses that of her stepmother. Winter hates her stepmother and knows she won’t approve of her crush on the handsome palace guard, Jace. But Winter isn’t weaker than Levana thinks she is, and she’s been undercutting her stepmother’s wishes since before they were married.

Fairest: Levana’s Story

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Fans of the Lunar Chronicles are familiar with Queen Levana as a monarch who wields her “glamour” for political benefit. However, Levana had a totally different life before she met Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress. Until today, this narrative has never been revealed.

Stars Above: A Lunar Chronicles Collection

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The Lunar Chronicles universe is full with stories – and secrets – that are magnificent, violent, and passionate. Cinder arrived in New Beijing in what manner at first? How did Wolf, the brooding soldier, progress from young man to murderer? When did Princess Winter and royal guard Jacin understand their fates?

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