Behind Closed Doors Free Audiobook

Behind Closed Doors (2016)

A brilliantly tense and claustrophobic psychological thriller centred around violent relationships.

Everyone knows couples like Jack and Grace. He has looks and money; she has charm and stylish. He’s an experienced lawyer who has never lost a court case; she is a perfect housewife, a skilled gardener and cook, loves her disabled younger sister, and is devoted to her family.

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They’re still newlyweds but seem to have everything already. You don’t really want to like them, though. You’re charmed by the ease of their home, by their gracious hospitality. You want to get to know Grace more. It’s hard, because you realize Jack is inseparable from Grace.

“Both unsettling and addicting, Behind Closed Doors is a chilling thriller that will keep you reading late into the night. A solid, strong plot that will keep you interested from the beginning. The story has some interesting twists and turns.”

The Book Guide® Editor

Some people might say that this is true love. Other people might wonder why Grace doesn’t answer her phone. And why can she never meet for a cup of coffee, even though she isn’t working. How she can cook such elaborate meals without gaining weight. And why are there such high security metal shutters on all of the downstairs windows? After the dinner party ends and the front door closes, some people might wonder what’s really happening behind the scenes.

Behind Closed Doors (2016) by B. A. Paris

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