Belladonna Audiobook Free by Adalyn Grace

Belladonna (2022)

A fantastic gothic ghost story filled with romance and death.

Signa Farrow, a nineteen-year-old orphan, has been nurtured by a series of guardians, each more concerned with her fortune than her well-being—and each has met an unfortunate death. Her sole remaining relatives are the Hawthorns, an eccentric family who live on the dazzling and dismal Thorn Grove estate.

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Elijah, the patriarch of Thorn Grove, mourns his late wife, Lillian, with wild parties and booze, while oldest son Percy struggles for control of the family’s fading reputation and daughter Blythe suffers from the same unexplained sickness that killed her mother. When Lillian’s soul visits Signa and alleges she was poisoned, Signa realizes Blythe might be the next victim.

“In this romantic young-adult fiction with Gothic undertones, a girl battles Death and her own natural abilities.”

The Book Guide® Editor

The only way Signa has to find the murderer and solve Lillian’s death is if she forms a partnership with Death, the person she despises the most. Death, that intriguing, perilous shadow who has never left her side, demonstrates to her that their relationship could be stronger than she ever dared hope.

Belladonna (2022) by Adalyn Grace

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