Mind Games Audiobook Free by Nora Roberts

Mind Games (2024)

Mind Games by Nora Roberts

A Thrilling Tale of Trauma, Resilience, and Psychic Connection.

Nora Roberts’s captivating novel, Mind Games, weaves together suspense, romance, and a touch of the supernatural. It follows the intertwined lives of Thea Fox and Emma Vaughan, both marked by childhood trauma.

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Thea, a gifted psychic child, witnesses her parents’ murder and finds solace with her grandmother in Redbud Hollow. Her imagination leads her to become a successful game designer. However, a malevolent presence haunts her. Emma, a lonely and abusive child, struggles to build a fulfilling life. When her troubled past resurfaces, she encounters Dr. Laurel Armand, a renowned psychic investigator. Armand recognizes Emma’s psychic abilities and offers guidance, setting her on a path of self-discovery and potential danger.

“A thrilling novel that combines suspense and emotional depth, exploring psychic abilities, family, and friendship, making it a must-read for fans of the extraordinary.”

The Book Guide® Editor

As their paths converge, Thea and Emma find themselves entangled in a chilling mystery. With the help of Laurel and journalist Cade Parris, who possesses his own psychic gifts, they must confront the darkness that threatens them. Mind Games explores the power of the human mind, the enduring strength of the human spirit, and the profound impact of childhood trauma.

Mind Games (2024) by Nora Roberts

Mind Games (2024) by Nora Roberts
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Mind Games is a suspenseful novel by Nora Roberts about Thea Fox, a woman with a psychic connection to a malevolent force. Her grandmother experiences the same vision, making her a target for the villain's vengeance. Thea must protect herself, family, and a potential love while facing the darkness that threatens her.
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