Good Girl Complex Audiobook Free by Elle Kennedy

Good Girl Complex (2022)

A cute and sexy story of romance.

Mackenzie “Mac” Cabot strives to win over others. her stern parents. pals from prep school. her longtime partner. Really, constantly abiding by the rules is taxing. She wants nothing more than to concentrate on expanding her online company, unlike the majority of twenty-year-olds, but her parents demand that she first get her college degree. That entails relocating to the coastal hamlet of Avalon Bay, which is home to both residents and the affluent Garnet College students.

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Mac has a lot of experience controlling her wilder instincts, but when she meets neighborhood bad boy Cooper Hartley, her control is put to the test. Cooper has some noticeable flaws. Raw. Candid. a danger to her well-ordered life. The most genuine thing in her life quickly becomes their relationship.

“Good Girl Complex is Elle Kennedy at her best, filled with romance and comedy, with a young vibe making a great beach listen.”

The Book Guide® Editor

Cooper quickly understands Mac isn’t just another wealthy copycat and falls in love with her despite his contempt for the trust-fund kids he sees coming and departing from his community. Hard. The only place Mac has ever felt at home is now in jeopardy due to Cooper and his friends’ secret, as she begins to feel welcomed by them.

Good Girl Complex (2022) by Elle Kennedy

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