The Comeback Audiobook Free by Lily Chu

The Comeback (2022)

Wonderful character growth in a sweet romance.

Routine is perfect for Ariadne Hui. Even if everything in her life is meticulously planned out, she likes it that way. She needs to maintain her concentration at all times if she wants to become a partner at Toronto’s most prominent legal firm.

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Focus, however, is the last thing on her mind when she returns home from yet another soul-crushing day to discover a mysterious, attractive man camping out in her living room. especially after learning that Choi Jihoon, her cousin, has just arrived from Seoul to repair a shattered heart, according to her roommate. Ari won’t even notice that he’s there; he only needs a few weeks to recover and rest.

“This novel is a lovely rom-com with a Canadian heroine of Chinese origin who works too much and wants to find a partner who falls in love with a Korean pop star.”

The Book Guide® Editor

Jihoon epitomizes compassion and mayhem, and she quickly finds herself feeling deeply for him. But when a careless move results in a shocking revelation, Ari finds herself propelled onto the global stage, not as the tough, capable lawyer she has worked so hard to become, but as the mysterious lady riding on the arm of a guy whom everyone claims to know. Ari will have to sift through all the gorgeous falsehoods to uncover the truth about her relationship, and the Ariadne Hui she’s finally ready to be, now that her heart, her future, and her sense of self are on the line.

The Comeback (2022) by Lily Chu

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