The Deep, Deep Snow Audiobook Free by Brian Freeman

The Deep, Deep Snow (2019)

A captivating story that will keep you on edge until the end.

Deputy Shelby Lake was found in the bitter cold after being abandoned as a newborn and saved by a stranger. Years later, a small kid has gone missing, and Shelby is the one who needs to find him.

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Jeremiah Sloan, 10, left behind a bicycle on a desolate road, which serves as the only trace of what happened to him. Shelby’s hometown’s intimate relationships begin to break under the weight of allegations and suspicion after a frantic search fails to locate him. Her immediate surroundings are secretive. They all have something to conceal, including her adoptive father, her closest friend, and her best friend’s little daughter. Even Shelby is hiding a mistake that may endanger her future and her work.

“A Best-selling author introduces us to a memorable heroine who realizes that the dead are often easier to save than the living in a powerful, emotional mystery that spans a decade in the lives of a tiny community.”

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The police and FBI are not any closer to locating Jeremiah as a result of exposing the falsehoods of the people in his life. Shelby is concerned that the mystery may be lost forever beneath the incredibly deep snow as time goes on and the case becomes more and more unsolved. But in the spring, even the thickest snow evaporates. Shelby is forced to face the worst untruth of all as a tempting piece of information finally surfaces. No one’s life, not even her own, will be spared by revealing the truth about Jeremiah.

Prequel: The Ursulina

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Brian Freeman tells Rebecca Colder’s compelling story in this suspenseful sequel to his Edgar Award-nominated thriller, The Deep, Deep Snow. Rebecca is a young deputy sheriff who must make the most agonizing decision a mother

The Deep, Deep Snow (2019) by Brian Freeman

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