The Ex Talk Audiobook Free by Rachel Lynn Solomon

The Ex Talk (2021)

An engaging book about imperfect people finding love.

Since Shay Goldstein has been working as a producer at her local public radio station in Seattle for almost ten years, she is unable to picture doing anything else. But lately, she and Dominic Yun have been at odds constantly since her newest coworker who recently graduated from a journalism master’s program is certain that he is the expert on public radio.

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When the struggling station needs a fresh idea, Shay suggests a show that her boss enthusiastically approves. Two ex-partners will offer live, in-studio relationship counseling on The Ex Talk. Given how much Shay and Dominic already dislike one another, their supervisor determines that they would make the ideal co-hosts. It’s either this or being unemployed, while neither enjoys the concept of cheating listeners. The Ex Talk quickly establishes itself as a must-listen in Seattle and rises on the podcast charts as its audience quickly becomes engaged.

“In Rachel Lynn Solomon’s dazzling debut romantic comedy, co-hosts of public radio sort through confusing signals.”

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Their lie becomes more obvious as the show grows, particularly when Shay and Dominic begin to develop feelings for one another. Being exposed may be the end of more than just their jobs in a field where the truth is valued.

The Ex Talk (2021) by Rachel Lynn Solomon

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