The First to Die at the End Audiobook Free by Adam Silvera

The First to Die at the End (2022)

This tale honors the enduring effects that individuals have on one another.

The night before Death-Cast goes live, everyone is wondering if the website can genuinely foretell when someone would pass away or if it is all just a big scam. Orion Pagan has been waiting for years for someone to inform him that he will pass away. He joined up for Death-Cast in order to be informed of impending events despite having a major cardiac problem.

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In New York, Valentino Prince is beginning over. He has a bright future ahead of him and only decided to sign up for Death-Cast when his twin sister almost perished in a car accident.

“Two new strangers spend a life-altering day together in this prequel to the number one New York Times bestselling sensation They Both Die in the End when Death-Cast first places their fateful calls.”

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When Orion and Valentino meet paths in Times Square, they get along right away. Their lives are eternally altered when the first batch of End Day calls are made; one of them gets a call, while the other doesn’t. Despite the fact that neither guy is certain how the day will finish, they are both confident that they want to spend it together, even if it means saying their terrible farewell.

The First to Die at the End (2022) by Adam Silvera

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