The Maid (2022)

A compelling and quirky mystery about the death of a prominent hotel guest and the maid who finds his body.

The Maid by Nita Prose is narrated by Molly Gray, a 25-year-old maid at the Regency Grand Hotel. “Molly, the Maid” is different. She’s always been the subject of taunts, jeers, stares, ridicule and, cruelty. The ability to read social cues, intentions, expressions, or even understand words in a non-literal sense is foreign to her. But she’s always had her grandmother to explain those things to her and to interpret the events of her day, so that she could move forward, slowly learning to negotiate people and situations, gradually adding some clarity to the puzzles of interacting with people.

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Molly loves her job as a maid for Regency Grand Hotel. She can put to use all the rules Gran has taught her. And she excels at remembering every training mantra that Mr. Snow has uttered in his group training sessions for the hotel employees. Rules and mantras have served Molly well for the most part. She has been taken advantage of in a costly way, in the past, so life is harder now. First, with the loss of finances and then with the death of Gran. Now Molly is alone for the first time, barely getting any joy out of her job or home routines. Gran was her life, her mentor, protector, friend, and family.

Entertaining, smart, riveting combination of cozy mystery, dark comedy and thriller with intriguing whodunnit vibes!”

The Book Guide® Editor

But things have gotten interesting at work. She’s walked into the hotel suite of wealthy Mr. Black, to find him dead. As she tries to negotiate the police investigation, she finds herself the chief suspect in his murder. It is now that she will find out who has her best interests in mind and who has been taking advantage of her different way of seeing life. This is a sweet story that imparts many lessons if we are willing to listen and learn. Molly is so much more than most people think if they even see her in her “invisible” occupation as a hotel maid.

This mystery is multi-layered, intricate, and surprising. Just when you think you know all about Molly, there are some surprises in store!

The Maid (2022) by Nita Prose

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