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The Investigator (2022)

Letty DavenĀ­port takes the investigaĀ­tive reins in the latest thriller by a number one bestselling author.

At the age of 24, Letty Davenport has seen more action than most police officers. A recent graduate from Stanford University with a masterā€™ s degree in economics, sheā€˜s restless and bored in her current job working for a U.S. Senator.

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Letty has been offered a job by Colles, who wants her to work for him. He promises her she can keep her feet on the ground if she works with the Department of Homeland security. Several oil companies in the state of Texas have reported thefts of oil according to Colles. He doesn’t care so much about the oil as he does about the money: Who is producing the oil, and what do they plan to do with the profits?

“Letty DavenĀ­port, the brilliant and determined adopted daughter of Lucas DavĀ­enĀ­port, takes the investigaĀ­tive reins in the latest thriller from number one bestselling author John Sandford.”

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Rumor has it there’s some sort of ugly militia group led by a woman known as Lorelai who might be involved. Colles wants to be sure that the money is going to them, and if he is, what he plans to do with it. Letty is partnered up with a DHS investigator, named John Kaiser, and they go to Texas. When the case quickly turns deadly they know they’re on the track of something big. Lorelai has set in motion an explosive plan…and the clock is running out.

The Investigator (2022) by John Sandford

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