The Light Through the Leaves Free Audiobook

The Light Through the Leaves (2022)

A beautifully written story, with wonderful character development and a devastating opening.

When an emergency strikes, Ellis Abbey leaves her child, Viola, unattend­ed for a few minutes. But when she returns, Viola has disappeared. A breaking point in a marriage that has been fractured for years, Viola’ s abduction causes Ellis to disappear into grief, guilt, and alcohol abuse. Convincing herself that she cannot possibly do any good for her family, Ellis leaves them behind and heads into the mountains alone.

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A young girl named Rave kept her secrets hidden deep within a remote area of Washington State. She must never speak about her mother’s miraculous powers to outsiders, or about her father who has a mysterious presence that scares her. Raven spends her days trying to learn how to use her rare talents—and more importantly, how to hide them from others. Each lesson brings a warning of what dangers may lie outside her isolated haven. Despite her mother’s warnings, Raven finds herself longing to experience something more.

“A powerful journey of forgiveness and self-healing awaits you in The Light Through the Leaves, an epic novel by best-selling author of Where the Forest Meets the Stars, that explores the power of forgiveness and self-discovery.”

The Book Guide® Editor

As Ellis and Raven face their powerful longings, they will be pulled together by the forces at play in their lives—nature, love, and family—and their journeys will converge in surprising and hopeful ways.

The Light Through the Leaves (2022) by Glendy Vanderah

Dune (2007) By: Glennon Doyle
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