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Unfaithful (2020)

A twisty, thriller full of unlikeable characters, there are so many secrets and twists in Unfaithful.

After hearing that my best student had died, at my husband’s studio I saw two glasses drying by the sink, which confirmed my worst fear: My husband was having an affair. Most women would fall down in tears and throw him away from the house – but I can’t bring myself to.

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Instead, I go back home and prepare a healthy meal for our kids, take care of the dog, and do the dishes without complaining. He will realize that I am still the woman he married. I will be attractive, successful, and the glue that holds our family together. My life depends on this marriage working out. If it doesn’t, I’ll be ruined. But when the police show up at my door asking questions that I can’t answer and threatening texts start showing up on my phone, I realize that someone close has been keeping an eye on me.

“Unfaithful is a very different psychological thriller novel with very interesting characters. The layers of complexity to the story and characters which the author adds chapter after chapter is excellent.”

The Book Guide® Editor

Told through the eyes of the main character, Anna, a happily married mother of two; the reader gets to experience first hand what desperation will lead one to do. You may wonder if Anna was legit crazy or if there was something else going on?

Unfaithful (2020) by Natalie Barelli

Dune (2007) By: Glennon Doyle
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