The Crown Volume 1 The Inside History Audiobook Free by Robert Lacey

The Crown Volume 1 (2017)

The official companion to the hit Netflix series The Crown.

The Crown, a Netflix original series, provided a singular and personal image of Britain’s longest-reigning queen. The early years of Elizabeth II’s reign (1947–1955) are thoroughly examined in this official companion to the program, which includes considerable research and supplementary information.

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Princess Elizabeth never anticipated that her father would pass away so unexpectedly and at such a young age, leaving her to rule not just a monarchy but also a large international organization. Follow the development of a lady studying to become Queen as she is crowned at age 25, already a wife and mother.

“This program’s official companion is a thorough examination of Elizabeth II’s reign’s early years and offers a thorough investigation from within the royal walls.”

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The new Queen had her own difficulties as the nation emerged from the shadow of war. She needed to disprove her mother and uncle, salvage a romance, and save a marriage that jeopardized her position as the leader of the church. This is the tale of how Elizabeth II used every ounce of her fortitude and British reserve to handle problems both at home and on the continent.

The Crown Volume 1: The Inside History (2017) by Robert Lacey

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