Be Useful by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Be Useful (2023)

Be Useful by Arnold Schwarzenegger

A Self-Help Book for a Meaningful Life.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book, “Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life,” is a self-help book that aims to inspire readers to live a meaningful life. The book is written in Schwarzenegger’s unique voice, which is earnest, blunt, and powerful. In the book, he shares his insights and experiences, including his successes and failures, to help readers realize their true purpose in life.

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The book is divided into seven chapters, each of which focuses on a different tool for a meaningful life. These tools include intellectual curiosity, vision, discipline, optimism, courage, communication, and compassion. Schwarzenegger shows readers how to put these tools to work in service of their dreams and goals.

“Be Useful is a practical and inspiring self-help book, featuring his unique voice and personal stories, making it an engaging and entertaining read.”

The Book Guide® Editor

The book is a pep talk that is both scattershot and charming. Schwarzenegger shares personal stories and anecdotes to illustrate his points, but the book lacks a clear structure and focus. The book is most compelling when Schwarzenegger writes from his own perspective, a voice that valorizes both intellectual curiosity and the thrill of getting absolutely shredded. However, he occasionally undermines his attempts at blunt, tell-it-like-it-is honesty by succumbing to the genre’s more annoying tropes.

Be Useful (2023) by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Be Useful (2023) by Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Arnold Schwarzenegger's self-help book, "Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life," offers insights from his experiences and failures to help readers discover their purpose in life, using his forceful, direct, and earnest voice to motivate readers.
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