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Extreme Ownership (2015)

Discover how the United States Navy SEALs lead and win

A group of Navy SEALs who were sent to the most violent battlefields in Iraq faced an apparently impossible mission: help U. S. forces secure Ramadi, the city considered “all but lost” by American commanders. But in gripping first-person accounts of heroism, tragedy, and hard-won victory, they learned that leadership at every level is the most important factor in determining whether a team succeeds or falls apart.

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Willink and Babbin returned home from deployment and implemented SEAL leadership training that helped form the next generation of SEALs. After leaving the Navy SEALS, they founded Echelon Front, which teaches the same leadership principles to businesses. From promising startups to large corporations, Babin and Willick have helped hundreds of clients across a wide variety of industries build their own highly effective teams and dominate their battlefield.

“The book is very straight-forward and practical, presenting 7–8 core management principles, with one real life example for each principle. It will inspire, challenge, and transform you. If you’re open and ready for it, it will change you.”

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Extreme Ownership shows how to apply these principles to any team, family, or organization. Each chapter focuses on one specific topic, explaining what it is, why it’s important, and how to use it in any leadership environment. Extreme Ownership revolutionizes business management by challenging leaders everywhere to fulfill their purpose: Lead and Win.

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