The Good Nurse Audiobook Free by Charles Graeber

The Good Nurse (2013)

A glimpse inside the thoughts of America’s most active serial murderer.

Charlie Cullen, a certified nurse, was rapidly called “The Angel of Death” by the media upon his arrest in December 2003. Cullen, though, wasn’t a straightforward monster or a merciless killer. He was adored as a cherished son, husband, father, closest friend, and carer. He was possibly the most prolific serial murderer in American history, contributing to the deaths of up to 300 patients.

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Nearly 10 years in the making, The Good Nurse is a compelling work of investigative journalism. For the first time, Charles Graeber tells Charles Cullen’s whole tale. based on exclusive jailhouse chats with Cullen and the trusted informant who assisted in his downfall, as well as hundreds of pages of never-before-seen police data, interviews, wiretap recordings, and videotapes.

“An in-depth examination of the American healthcare system. This book will change the way you view medicine since it is heartbreaking and irresistibly paced.”

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Cullen is shown by Graeber as a complex and remarkably clever young man in this painting, one whose promising career was overshadowed by his need to kill. There is no way to know how many more lives may have been lost if it weren’t for the tenacious, relentless efforts of two former Newark murder investigators rushing to piece together Cullen’s professional experience.

The Good Nurse (2013) by Charles Graeber

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