If You Could See the Sun Audiobook Free by Ann Liang

If You Could See the Sun (2022)

A sweet, humorous novel that fulfills all of its objectives.

Alice Sun, the solitary scholarship student in a sea of extremely rich peers at her top Beijing international boarding school, has always felt invisible. She does, however, have a plan: she wants to be the best student, go to a prominent institution, get a great career, and finally get her family out of poverty.

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Then her parents reveal a shocking truth: even with the scholarship, they are no longer able to pay for her tuition. However, given that she has started spontaneously going invisible, it is the least of Alice’s issues. as in entirely, physically undetectable. Alice understands that having unrivaled access to the secrets of China’s most powerful and wealthy teenagers is a benefit of her unusual new power. Soon, Alice gets a new idea: charge a fee to use her invisibility to find out what her pupils want to know.

“A Chinese American teen makes money off her unusual new invisibility abilities in this genre-defying YA debut by learning and selling the most scandalous secrets of her affluent classmates.”

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However, things start to slide through the cracks as a result of juggling academics, a blossoming romance with academic rival-turned-business partner Henry, and stealing trade secrets. Alice must decide if assisting her family is worth sacrificing her conscience, or maybe her life, as the chores progress from minor controversies to major felonies.

If You Could See the Sun (2022) by Ann Liang

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