Things We Hide from the Light Audiobook Free by Lucy Score

Things We Hide From the Light (2023)

An action-packed yet emotional read that will keep you engaged until the end.

Things We Hide From the Light is a romance novel by Lucy Score. The book follows Nash, who is struggling but doesn’t want anyone in his life to know about it. However, his new neighbor Lina sees through his facade and feels a connection with him that she can’t explain.

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Police Chief Nash Morgan is known for his Southern charm and his uniform accentuates his butt. He’s got his hands full with the man who shot him still on the loose, healing wounds, and citizens who think of the law as more of a “guideline”. He doesn’t need a smart-mouthed, gorgeous new neighbor making him feel things he doesn’t have the energy to feel. Lina is on a mission and does her best work alone, but the town of Knockemout has other ideas and soon Lina finds herself sucked into small-town life.

“After her popular novel ‘Things We Never Got Over’ best-selling author Lucy Score returns to Knockemout, Virginia, with the tale of Knox’s brother Nash.”

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Despite her usual aversion to physical contact, she finds herself drawn to Nash’s touch. As they grow closer, they must navigate their own personal struggles and the challenges that come with their relationship.

Things We Hide from the Light (2023) by Lucy Score

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