Star Wars Thrawn Ascendancy Lesser Evil Book 3

Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendancy. Lesser Evil (2021)

To save the Ascendancy, will Thrawn be willing to sacrifice everything? including the only home he has always known?

Lesser Evil picks up in the aftermath of Greater Good. Jixtus, who was revealed to be the true villain in the trilogy’s middle book, is beginning to step out of the shadows as he continues to manipulate the Nine Ruling Families and the Forty Great Houses of the Chiss Ascendency into a civil war that will leave them ripe for conquest. But Senior Captain Thrawn of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet has one last, desperate plan to stop Jixtus.

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As with the earlier books in the trilogy, Lesser Evil is elaborately plotted, telling one story in the present and a related one from the past in alternating chapters. While lengthy, the story never drags. And the book manages to both cap off the story of Thrawn’s time within the Chiss Ascendancy while also positioning Thrawn for the beginning of the next trilogy showing his rise within the Empire. 

“This book is quintessentially Star Wars. It combines plot heavy space battles with many, many characters with genuine human emotions that catch you off guard.”

The Book Guide® Editor

While the Thrawn Ascendancy trilogy boasts the fan-favorite Thrawn as the

As with the first two books, by far the most interesting parts of Lesser Evil were everything to do with the politics and inner workings of the Ascendancy itself. The power plays and machinations of the ruling Chiss families remain unlike anything we currently have in Star Wars, and it proves to be especially refreshing for a book set during a well-trod time period.

The audiobook is phenomenal. Marc Thompson does something for one character to relate them to another, that as a voice actor I noticed and made my jaw hit the floor. And the final battle is as cinematic as Star Wars should always be. A very satisfying conclusion to an enjoyable series. 

Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendancy. Lesser Evil (2021) by Timothy Zahn

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