Check & Mate Audiobook Free by Ali Hazelwood

Check & Mate (2023)

Check & Mate by Ali Hazelwood

Life’s shifting pieces unite rival chess players in a heart-wrenching match.

Mallory Greenleaf, who lost her family to chess four years ago, is now focused on her family and her job. She agrees to play in a charity tournament and accidentally defeats world champion Nolan Sawyer, known as “Kingkiller.”

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Nolan’s loss to an unknown rook-ie shocks everyone, and his desire to cross pawns is confusing. Mallory’s victory opens the door to cash-prizes, and she’s drawn to the enigmatic strategist despite the situation.

“Life’s shifting pieces bring opposing chess players together in a duel for the heart in this witty and swoon worthy YA debut from the New York Times bestselling author of The Love Hypothesis.”

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Mallory, as a rising star in the sport, struggles to keep her family safe from the game that caused her to hate it. As her love for the sport rekindles, she realizes the games are more than just on the board, and competition can be fierce and intelligent.

Check & Mate (2023) by Ali Hazelwood

Check & Mate (2023) by Ali Hazelwood
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Check & Mate follow the story of Mallory Greenleaf, once a chess enthusiast, loses a charity tournament to world champion Nolan Sawyer, sparking a rekindling of her love for the sport. As she climbs the ranks, she realizes the sport's intense, intelligent, and infuriating competition.
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