How to Release Anxiety Audiobook Free by Gabrielle Bernstein

How to Release Anxiety (2022)

A warm, approachable method for dealing with an all-too-common response to stress.

Gabby’s really feeling it and her enthusiasm is contagious. In a live lecture taped at the Minetta Lane Theater, inspirational speaker, number one New York Times best seller, and self-described super attractor offered helpful and surprising suggestions on how to reduce anxiety. Not just you, either. All persons under the age of 65 should be examined for anxiety, according to a new panel of US medical experts who have been assembled because stress levels are at an all-time high.

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How about becoming friends with your anxiety instead of trying to control it? According to Gabby, we might eventually feel at peace with what we become friends with. She then encourages us to become interested. Find out what our anxiousness desires. Be empathetic as we listen to the response after that.

“Gabby Bernstein provides straightforward, doable suggestions in How to Release Anxiety for feeling better, living more easily, and being present for those around us.”

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Gabby also provides practical advice on how to deal with anxiety. She leads listeners through breathing exercises, meditation, Internal Family Systems practices, and tapping (EFT), all of which produce a sense of tranquility and connection that subdues tension. How to Release Anxiety is an extremely thorough manual for reducing worry and allowing serenity to replace.

How to Release Anxiety (2022) by Gabrielle Bernstein

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