The Myth of Normal Audiobook Free by Gabor Maté

The Myth of Normal (2022)

An inspirational guide for wellness and recovery.

In this groundbreaking work, renowned doctor Gabor Maté deftly examines the emergence of chronic sickness and overall bad health in Western nations that take pride in their healthcare systems. Nearly 70% of Americans take at least one prescription medication, and more than half do so twice a day. Every sixth person in Canada suffers from hypertension. More than 30% of people in Europe have hypertension that has been diagnosed. Adolescent mental illness is on the increase everywhere else. What then, in terms of health, is actually “normal”?

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With more than 40 years of therapeutic practice, Maté has come to see the conventional notion of “normal” as untrue, ignoring the effects that stress, trauma, and the demands of contemporary living have on our bodies and brains at the price of our health. Western medicine frequently fails to address the full person despite our knowledge and advanced technology, omitting how today’s culture strains the body, taxes the immune system, and erodes emotional equilibrium.

“By the famous author of In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, this book offers a road to health and healing along with a ground-breaking inquiry into the roots of sickness.”

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Now, Maté takes his viewpoint to the important debunking of widespread beliefs about what causes illness, draws connections between the ills of the individual and the deteriorating soundness of society, and provides a kind prescription for wellness and recovery. The Myth of Normal, which he co wrote with his son Daniel, is Maté’s most ambitious and urgent work to date.

The Myth of Normal (2022) by Gabor Maté

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