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All the Light We Cannot See (2014)

An epic novel about a blind French young girl and a German boy during World War II.

Marie Laure lives with his father in Paris, just across from the Museum of Natural History, where he works as the Master of the Locks. When she was six, she lost her sight, and her father built a model of their neighbourhood for her, every house, every road, so she could memorise it with her fingers and navigate the real streets with her stick. The novel alternates between these two characters, follows them as they grow up from the 1930s and 1940s in France and Germany, and shows their parallel stories.

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A young boy named Werner lives with his younger sister in a small town in Germany. One day, he discovers a crude radio and becomes fascinated by it. He becomes a master of building and repairing radios, which earns him a place at an exclusive and brutal military academy, where he excels. Ultimately, his skills make him a highly skilled tracker for the Resistance. Werner travels through the inner city of Berlin to the far-flanked suburbs of Russia, and finally to Saint-Malo, France, where his path intersects with Marie-Laureā€™s.

“Parallel stories are told in alternating chapters in this beautifully written, stunningly ambitious novel by the multiple award-winning Anthony Doerr about a young French girl and a young German boy during the occupation of France and how their stories are interlaced.”

The Book GuideĀ® Editor

Doerrā€™ s gorgeous combination of soaring imagination and observation is electric. By deftly intertwining the lives of Marie-Louise and Werner, Doerr illustrates the ways, against all the odds, people try to help each other. It took him ten years to write “All the Light We Cannot See” but it was worth every minute.

All the Light We Cannot See (2014) by Anthony Doerr

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