The Paradise Problem Audiobook Free by Christina Lauren

The Paradise Problem (2024)

The Paradise Problem by Christina Lauren

A Fake Marriage Rom-Com with a Delicious Twist.

Christina Lauren, the reigning queens of the rom-com genre, are back with a hilarious and heartwarming story in The Paradise Problem. This delightful novel follows Anna Green, a free-spirited artist, and Liam “West” Weston, the buttoned-up heir to a grocery empire, in a fake marriage scheme that’s bound to go hilariously wrong.

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What Solène expects to be a tedious evening turns into something much more. A chance encounter backstage with Hayes sparks a connection she never saw coming. Solène, grappling with societal expectations of aging and a recent divorce, finds herself drawn to Hayes’ youthful energy and genuine nature. Hayes, on the other hand, appreciates Solène’s intelligence and grounded perspective, a welcome change from the superficial world of celebrity.Their unlikely friendship blossoms into something deeper, forcing both to confront their own desires and vulnerabilities.

The Paradise Problem is a delightful rom-com featuring Lauren’s wit and relatable characters, offering a heartwarming escape filled with laughter and romance.

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Anna, struggling financially and as an artist, resists the promise of a paycheck and revisiting their past. As they navigate the world of galas, Hamptons weekends, and Liam’s family, their fake marriage becomes real, forcing them to confront their chemistry and initial flameout.

The Paradise Problem (2024) by Christina Lauren

The Paradise Problem by Christina Lauren
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Christina Lauren delivers another rom-com gem with The Paradise Problem. A fake marriage between a free-spirited artist and a buttoned-up heir leads to hilarious situations and undeniable rekindled feelings. Don't miss this witty escape filled with laughter, love, and a touch of angst!
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