Bridge Kingdom Book Series in Order

Bridge Kingdom Book Series in Order

VBridge Kingdom Series In Order: How To Read Danielle Jensen’s Books.

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Are you seeking a fantasy adventure brimming with political intrigue, forbidden romance, and breathtaking world-building? Look no further than the captivating Bridge Kingdom series by the acclaimed author Danielle L. Jensen. This enthralling saga will transport you to a realm of ruthless empires, fierce warriors, and a love story that defies all odds. This Editor’s Guide is your one-stop guide to the Bridge Kingdom series. We’ll delve into the captivating plot, explore the compelling characters, and most importantly, answer the burning question: in what order should you read the Bridge Kingdom series? Whether you’re a seasoned fantasy reader or just starting your exploration of the genre, this guide will equip you with everything you need to dive headfirst into this remarkable series.

What is The Bridge Kingdom series about? What you Should Know:

The Bridge Kingdom series by Danielle L. Jensen unfolds in a world divided. The opulent Bridge Kingdom, a nation enriched by a strategically vital bridge, stands in stark contrast to its war-torn neighbors. Lara, a princess from a rival land, is sent as a bride under the guise of peace. However, her true mission is far more perilous: to dismantle the Bridge Kingdom from within. As Lara navigates the treacherous court of the Bridge Kingdom, she finds herself entangled in a web of political machinations and forbidden desires. Her loyalties are tested as she uncovers secrets that could shatter the fragile peace. Meanwhile, a rebellion simmers on the horizon, threatening to engulf the entire world in war. The Bridge Kingdom series masterfully blends high-stakes political intrigue with a heart-wrenching romance. Jensen’s captivating writing style keeps you on the edge of your seat, eager to discover what lies ahead for Lara and the fate of the kingdoms themselves.

The Bridge Kingdom Series Reading Order:

  • Book 1: The Bridge Kingdom
  • Book 2: The Traitor Queen
  • Book 3: The Inadequate Heir
  • Book 4: The Endless War

The Bridge Kingdom series is currently comprised of four published novels, with more entries planned for the future. To ensure you experience the story in the intended order, here’s the recommended reading sequence:

The Bridge Kingdom

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In Danielle L. Jensen’s fantasy novel, The Bridge Kingdom, Lara, a warrior princess trained in isolation, is sent to marry the king of a rival nation under the guise of peace. Lara’s mission is deception – to bring down the kingdom from within. But as she navigates the Bridge Kingdom’s secrets and explores a surprising connection with the king, Lara is forced to question everything she thought she knew. This captivating novel offers a thrilling blend of intrigue, romance, and complex characters, making it a must-read for fans of fantasy with a twist.

The Traitor Queen: Bridge Kingdom, Book 2

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“The Traitor Queen: Bridge Kingdom, Book 2” by Danielle L. Jensen is a captivating YA fantasy romance novel. In this sequel, we follow Lara, a queen now in exile, who has witnessed her homeland, Ithicana, fall to her own father’s forces. When her husband, Aren, is captured in battle, Lara realizes her father is using him as bait. Determined to free both her husband and her kingdom, Lara embarks on a perilous journey to the Tempest Seas. There, she plans to liberate the Bridge Kingdom from her father’s clutches, leveraging the lives of the sisters she once spared. But within the palace’s walls, Lara discovers unexpected players, shifting alliances, and a dangerous adversary—the very man she betrayed. As everything she loves hangs in the balance, Lara must choose: fight for her kingdom, her husband, or herself. Jensen weaves a tale of intrigue, love, and sacrifice, leaving readers eagerly awaiting the next installment.

The Inadequate Heir: Bridge Kingdom, Book 3

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“The Inadequate Heir: Bridge Kingdom, Book 3” by Danielle L. Jensen is a captivating fantasy novel that seamlessly blends romance and intrigue. Set in the world of The Bridge Kingdom, this sensuous tale follows Zarrah, a soldier raised as the heir to an empire. Driven by two unyielding truths—the Veliant family’s role in her mother’s murder and her unwavering pursuit of vengeance—Zarrah is entrusted with commanding the contested city of Nerastis. Her mission: to annihilate the Maridrinian forces led by the Veliant prince. Yet fate intervenes when she encounters an anonymous, handsome Maridrinian. As their nightly meetings unfold, Zarrah grapples with questions of justice, passion, and identity. When secrets are revealed, she faces a pivotal choice: embrace peace or march to the drums of war. Jensen’s writing skillfully weaves tension, emotion, and desire, making this a must-read for fans of epic fantasy and forbidden romance.

The Endless War: Bridge Kingdom, Book 4

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In the captivating conclusion to Danielle L. Jensen’s Bridge Kingdom series, “The Endless War” picks up right where the thrilling cliffhanger left off. King Keris must navigate the consequences of his forbidden love for the fiery Zarrah, who now faces imprisonment by the ruthless Empress. Forced into an alliance with his former enemy, Keris wrestles with duty and desire as he fights a war that could change the fate of the world. This epic fantasy delivers a satisfying blend of romance, political intrigue, and high-stakes battles, making it a must-read for fans of the series and lovers of fantasy fiction.

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