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Normal People (2019)

A masterful exploration of class dynamics and young love with wit, nuance, and insight.

Connell and Mariane grew up in the same town, but they had different experiences growing up. He is popular and highly regarded at school, while Marianne is not. But when they meet, they start talking, and then something amazing happens.

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After a year, they’re both studying at Trinity College. Marianne has found herself in a new social world, while Connell remains stuck at the sidelines, shy but unsure. Marianne and Connell have been circling each other for years, and they’ve always been irresistibly drawn back together again. As she veers into self-destruction, he begins to search for his own meaning. Each must confront how far they’re willing to go to save each other.

“A beautiful novel about the transformative power that relationships have on our lives from the author of Conversations With Friends, a master of storytelling.”

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Normal People is the story of mutual fascination and friendship between two people who fall in love. It takes us from the first conversation to the years after, in the company of people who try to stay separate but find that they can’t.

Normal People (2019) by Sally Rooney

Dune (2007) By: Glennon Doyle
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