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Sparring Partners (2022)

A stunning small collection of short stories, known as novellas.

Sparring Partners is a collection of three novellas, each of which is well-written, distinctive, and makes for an intriguing reading experience.

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The first novella, ‘Homecoming’ revolves around Mack Stafford, a once-successful lawyer who lives in Clanton, Mississippi. He has a close relationship with his best friend, Jake Brigance, and his lawyer, Harry Rex. After divorcing his wife, Mack closed his practice and declared bankruptcy. He then allegedly skipped town with his clients’ money.

“John Grisham has written some of the most popular legal thrillers ever published. His first collection of novellas is filled with common themes, but he has several surprises up his sleeve.”

The Book Guide® Editor

The second story, ‘Strawberry Moon’ introduces us to Cody Wallace, a young man who is facing execution. He has exhausted all legal options, the courts have rejected his appeal, and the governor has refused to grant him clemency. As the clock runs, Cody has one last request.

The last novella, ‘Sparring Partners’ revolves around a St. Louis law firm called Malloy & Mal­loy and the Malloy Brothers, Rusty and Kirk, whose personalities couldn’t be more different. They rarely talk to each other and mostly communicate through unofficial third party Diantha Bradshaw. They’re both lawyers at a family law firm after their dad was sent to prison for manslaughter and disbarred. However, he continues to be a constant source of annoyance for them.

Sparring Partners (2022) by John Grisham

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