The Boys from Biloxi Audiobook Free by John Grisham

The Boys from Biloxi (2022)

Grisham elevates his masterful storytelling in this stunning novel.

Biloxi was well-known for its beaches, resorts, and seafood business during most of the last century. It had a darker side, though. It was also infamous for depravity and corruption, including prostitution, gambling, illegal booze, narcotics, and even contract assassinations. A tiny group of organized criminals, many of whom were thought to be Dixie Mafia members, dominated the vice.

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Hugh Malco and Keith Rudy were buddies as children growing up in Biloxi in the 1960s. However, their lives diverged when they were adolescents. Keith’s father rose to fame as a prosecutor who was dedicated to “cleaning up the Coast.” Hugh’s father rose to prominence as the “Boss” of Biloxi’s underworld. Keith continued his father’s legacy by attending law school. Hugh worked at his father’s clubs and liked the nightlife. The conflict between the two families would take place in a courthouse.

“A sprawling tale of two immigrant families’ kids who become friends as they grow up but finally find themselves in a precarious legal situation where their very lives are on the line.”

The Book Guide® Editor

The Boys from Biloxi is a sprawling drama of two boys of immigrant families who grow up as friends but finally find themselves in a precarious legal dispute where life itself is on the line. It is rich in history and has a wide cast of outstanding characters.

The Boys from Biloxi (2022) by John Grisham

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