The Weight of Blood Audiobook Free by Tiffany D. Jackson

The Weight of Blood (2022)

A compelling tale that will make you feel many different emotions.

When asked about what happened on prom night, Springville residents, at least the ones who are still living, unanimously claim Maddy was responsible.

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Madison Washington, an outsider at her small-town Georgia high school, has frequently been the subject of bullies’ taunts. She dealt with it since she had more urgent issues to attend to. Up until that morning, Maddy’s most carefully guarded secret—that she is biracial—remained a secret. Because of her passionate white father, Thomas Washington, she has lived her entire life pretending to be white.

“This thrilling young adult novel explores the history and impact of racism in America while following a biracial teen as her Georgia high school hosts its first mixed-race prom.”

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Student leaders devise a plan to restore their reputation after a viral bullying video reveals the racist roots of Springville High. They decide to organize the school’s first integrated prom as a symbol of their unification. When the Black superstar quarterback girlfriend of the popular white class president asks Maddy out, Maddy wonders if it’s really possible to have a normal existence. But not all of her classmates have given up on her yet. They also are unaware that Maddy still has a secret, one that will ultimately cost them all their lives.

The Weight of Blood (2022) by Tiffany D. Jackson

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