The Hating Game Audiobook Free

The Hating Game (2016)

A funny and sexy workplace comedy by Sally Thorne.

Lucy Hutton has never been certain that the nice guy can get the corner office, but she’s always been certain that the good girl can get the corner desk. She’s charming and kind and always tries to be loved by everyone at B&G. Except for coldly efficient, immaculately dressed, physically intimidating Joshua Templeman. And the feeling is reciprocal.

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They’ve become so used to working long hours, stuck in a shared office together for 40 (or 50 or 60) hours per week, that they’ve become addicted to the game of one-upman­ship. There’s the Stare Game. Lucy can’t let Josh beat her at anything—even when a huge new promotion is going up for the taking. If Lucy wins this round, she’ll be Joshua’s boss. If she loses, he’ll quit.

“A new book by debut author Sally Thorne is out, and it’s a hilarious and sexy workplace romance all about that thin, thin line between hate and love at work.”

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She’s been dreaming about Joshua and dressing for her job like she has a hot date. After a perfectly innocent ride on the elevator, Lucy starts to wonder if she has Joshua Templeman all wrong. Maybe Lucy Hutton isn’t really mad at Joshua Templeman. Maybe he likes her too. Maybe this is just another game, but it could be fun.

The Hating Game (2016) by Sally Thorne

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