Tokyo Dreaming Audiobook Free by Emiko Jean

Tokyo Dreaming (2022)

The follow-up to New York Times best-seller Tokyo Ever After.

Izumi Tanaka, a Japanese-American, transformed into a princess the moment she discovered her father was the Crown Prince of Japan. She has now triumphed against cunning cousins, gossipy journalists, and an imperial scandal to find her place in the world. She has a wonderful bodyguard who is now dating her. Tamagotchi, her smelly dog, resides with her in Tokyo. Her parents are even engaged after rekindling their college romance. A royal nuptial is imminent! Izumi’s life is the realization of a Tokyo fantasy.

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The engagement of her parents encounters resistance. Izumi and her mother’s lack of ancestry worries the Imperial Household Council, which is the reason they refuse to allow the marriage. And to top it all off, her former bodyguard decides shockingly about their connection. Izumi makes the commitment to do everything it takes to win over the council in order to prevent everything from disintegrating. That calls for improving her freshly acquired royal skills.

“The follow-up to the New York Times best-selling novel Tokyo Ever After takes readers back to Tokyo for a royal wedding.”

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Yet at what price? Izumi will go to any lengths to see that her parents live happily ever after, but what if acting the part of the ideal princess means putting her own happiness at risk? Will she be able to follow her heart and carve out her own path?

Tokyo Dreaming (2022) by Emiko Jean

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