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The Rose Code (2021)

This book focuses on the dedication and brilliance of three british women codebreakers during World War II.

The secret history of Bletchley Park has been waiting for someone like Kate Quinn to bring its story to life. Effortlessly evokes the frenetic, nervous, exuberant world that was the Enigma codebreakers. Quinn’s research and impeccable characterizations shine through this gripping and wonderfully executed novel.

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The year 1940. As England prepares to face the Nazis, three very diverse women answer the call to a mysterious country estate called Bletchley Park. There they train to break German military code. Vivacious debutante, Osla is the girl with beauty, wealth, and a handsome prince. She wants to prove herself more. So she uses her fluent German to translate decoded enemy secrets. Imperious, self-made Mab, product of East End poverty, works the legendary coding machines as she conceals her old wounds and looks for an advantageous husband. Both Osla and Mab are quick to see the possibility in local village spinster Beth, who has a brilliant facility with puzzles. Soon, Beth spreads her wings as one the park’s few female code breakers. But war, loss and the impossible pressure of keeping secrets will tear the three of them apart.

“The New York Times best-selling author of The Huntress returns with another heart-stopper from World War II, where three female code breakers work together to uncover a spy who has infiltrated their team.”

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The year 1947. As the royal wedding between Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip sweeps postwar Britain into a frenzy, three friends who once were enemies are reunited by a mysterious encoded letter. The key to which lies hidden in the long-ago treachery that destroyed their friendship and sent one of them to an insane asylum. A mysterious traitor has surfaced from the shadows of their past, and now Osma, Mab, and Bea must reunite their old alliance and crack the final code together. But each petal removed from the rose code brings greater danger.

The Rose Code (2021) by Kate Quinn

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