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The Unhoneymooners (2019)

For two sworn enemies anything can happen during their Hawaiian vacation of a lifetime, even love.

Olive is always unlucky. She has been unlucky in her career, in her love life, and in everything else she tries. On the other hand, her identical twin sister, Amy, is probably the luckiest woman in the world. She met her fiancé at an internet dating site, and she financed her entire wedding by winning several internet contests. Worse than all, she’ll force Olive to spend the day at her wedding with her sworn enemy, Ethan, who just happens to turn out to be the best man!

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Olive braces herself for 24 hours of wedding hell so she can return to her normal, unlucky life. But when the entire bridal party gets food poisoning from consuming bad shellfish, only the bride and groom are unaffected. And now, there’s an all-expenses paid honeymoon in Hawaii up to be won.

“From New York Times bestselling Author Christina Lauren with her uniquely funny and touching voice, The Unhoneymooners is the perfect romantic comedy for anyone who has ever been unlucky in love.”

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Putting their mutual hatred for the sake of a vacation, Olive and Ethan decide to go on a vacation together. But when Olive runs into her future boss, the lie she tells him is now at risk of becoming a big problem. Her luck has gotten even worse since she and Ethan had to pretend to be loving new­lyweds. However, the weird thing is that he doesn’t mind pretending. She actually feels kind of lucky… finally.

The Unhoneymooners (2019) by Christina Lauren

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