Practice Makes Perfect Audiobook Free by Sarah Adams

Practice Makes Perfect (2023)

Practice Makes Perfect by Sarah Adams

A cute rom-com that will leave you feeling giddy and excited.

The story follows Annie Walker, who runs a flower shop in Rome, Kentucky, and is on a quest to find her perfect match. Amid steamy practice dates and strictly “educational” tutoring lessons, the lines of their friendship blur, and Annie reconsiders what her “dream match” really looks like.

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The novel is a light and pleasurable read, with a simple yet engaging plot that will make you laugh and cry. The chemistry and tension between Annie and Will, her love interest, are well-developed, and the dual POVs help to make the characters well-rounded. The book is set in the same town as Adams’ previous novel, When in Rome, which adds to the grounded feeling of the story and setting.

“A delightful rom-com novel that will make you appreciate the simple things in life and reconsider what it means to find your perfect match.”

The Book Guide® Editor

Practice Makes Perfect is a delightful rom-com novel that will make you laugh, cry, and appreciate the simple things in life. The book is well-written, with engaging characters and a simple yet effective plot that will keep you hooked until the end.

Practice Makes Perfect (2023) by Sarah Adams

Practice Makes Perfect (2023) by Sarah Adams
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Practice Makes Perfect is a romantic comedy novel by Sarah Adams, set in Rome, Kentucky. It follows Annie Walker, a flower shop owner, as she searches for her perfect match amid strict tutoring and practice dates.
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