Dear Girls Audiobook Free by Ali Wong

Dear Girls (2019)

Dear Girls by Ali Wong

A Hilarious and Candid Memoir.

Ali Wong’s “Dear Girls” is a memoir written as a series of letters to her young daughters. The book covers a wide range of topics, including life, love, sex, dating, careers, motherhood, and being East Asian. Wong’s experiences as a female stand-up comedian are enlightening, and she calls out the sexism and misogyny of the world. The book is absurdly funny, surprisingly moving, and enlightening (and gross) for all. Wong’s letters are a mix of crude and flippant humor, and she is sneakily thoughtful about the public roles she occupies.

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“Dear Girls” is a paradox because, on one hand, Ali Wong says that it’s a letter to her daughters. On the other hand, the stuff she says in the book is sometimes so explicit and TMI that it can be cringe-worthy. The book is not for the faint of heart, and Wong’s candidness can be overwhelming. However, her experiences as a female stand-up comedian are enlightening, and she calls out the sexism and misogyny of the world. Wong’s thoughts and experiences of growing up Chinese-Vietnamese-American and visiting Vietnam later are intriguing enough to keep readers engaged.

“A candid memoir by a female stand-up comedian, exposing sexism and misogyny. Despite its candidness, the book’s intriguing insights keep readers engaged.”

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“Dear Girls” has received mixed reviews. Wong’s brand of physical humor does not translate well into prose, and some readers find the book too explicit. However, the book is true to Wong’s style of comedy and includes some heartfelt sentiment.

Dear Girls (2019) by Ali Wong

Dear Girls (2019) by Ali Wong
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"Dear Girls" is a candid memoir by Wong, a female stand-up comedian, detailing her experiences and exposing sexism and misogyny. Though it may be overwhelming, the book's intriguing insights about growing up Chinese-Vietnamese-American and visiting Vietnam keep readers engaged.
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